Sold my car

2010 May 14
by Cindy House

I sold my car yesterday and it had a powerful affect on me.  The reality of what I am doing; the change in my life as I know it; just seemed to be intensified by that one act.  It is thrilling and chilling at the same time.   I did not realize the security that an automobile gives a person until I woke up this morning and felt oddly insecure with no vehicle of my own in the driveway.  I sat up on the side of the bed and talked to Jesus about the feelings I was having and He brought the fresh sense of calm that He always does when I get overwhelmed with the enormity of moving completely out of my comfort zone.  God is faithful, this I know.  Each new step in the process of preparing to leave my familiar surroundings and beloved people behind and move across the globe teaches me more of the faithful characteristics of God.  He will be all things for me.  He will care for me and give me peace.  He will lift me up and place my feet on solid ground. 

About midday He completely took my breath away with another amazing display of His faithfulness.  I grinned so long my cheeks hurt.  I celebrated the wonder of the God who created the universe giving me such a personal encounter of great magnitude wrapped in His love.  What a joy to know Him.  What a great life to live for Him.  Blessings, my friends.

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  1. Lois Johnson permalink
    June 17, 2010

    Hi Cindy, thank you for updating us with your God moments, your activities, and how you are doing. You are in my prayers and thoughts.
    Yes, this is a major change and commitment but when God is in it and with you, hang on and enjoy the journey because it will be good.
    God has been preparing your heart for a number of years. He knows what HE is doing and HE knows HE can use you there. My thought of all those that your sweet spirit can touch and speak to share Jesus with.
    I love you Cindy.

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