2010 June 3
by Cindy House

Our pastor has just completed a series on generosity.  I would like to share with you some of the fruit of the Lord’s leading in the life of some of our members.  I have had two families allow me to use their car and several others offer the use of a vehicle until I leave for Malawi.  An attorney has prepared legal papers and filed them for me at no charge.  A connection group has remodeled my home so it will show better and be more desirable on the market.  WOW!  You should see the curb appeal they added.  They spent several weeks coming by and working, as they could, to improve my home and they paid for the materials themselves.  Another family has decided to stay home instead of travel for Father’s Day weekend and give the funds to my mission fund.  Another member decided to give the money she had been saving for a flatscreen TV to the mission fund.  Many have given to the fund that I will never know what the sacrifice meant to them.  Several have committed to support me monthly for 2 years. My connection group gave a money tree.  Another person used their talents to prepare my fundraising letter with graphics and another used their talent to prepare my prayer cards with graphics and both items look so professional.  A member made copies of the prayer card at his own expense so there would be plenty to share and spread the word of the upcoming work at Esther’s House orphanage. My coworkers gave me a big shower my last day of work and provided so many of the items needed for life over there. Countless people have spent time on their knees praying for Esther’s House and my new life in a foreign land. The best way I can say thank you for this generosity is to be a good steward of their gifts and go to Malawi and faithfully follow as the Holy Spirit leads.  As I prayed this morning I was lead back throught the past several months and reminded of the many people the Lord used to usher me further down the road toward Malawi.  It’s Biblical people.  This is how the New Testament church did missions and I am in awe of a God that let’s me be a part of such a wonderful plan.  Be blessed and be on mission with Him wherever you are.

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  1. Sarah Joy permalink
    June 15, 2010

    Hi Cindy! It’s very exciting to read about how God blessed you and prepared you to go to Malawi. It must have been very exciting for you as God was suppling all your needs and laying down your pathway. You are doing an awesome work. Sarah Joy

  2. Lisa Dunnam permalink
    June 23, 2010

    Cindy…I am anxious to hear more! I am praying for you. I miss you! May God Richly Bless you and all your new friends.

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