Beautiful Malawi

2010 June 16
by Cindy House

Malawi is more beautiful every time I come here.  I have begun my work at Esther’s House and it is such a joy.  There are two interns with me for the months of June and July, Alyssa Stewart and Derek Campbell.  We have had a lot of work to do just getting our house set to live in but we have enjoyed a lot of time at Esther’s House and out in the village already.  We have met with the residential and non-residential orphans that we minister to and shared games and playing.  The children sang and danced for us a welcome song our first day with them and then put on a drama that had them acting as us arriving in the village.  It was so funny and so sweet.

I had a Bible Study with the widows on Saturday and this will be a weekly event.  They were very responsive and they also sang a welcome song to me as I arrived.  Malawi people are so gracious and warm.

We visited two feeding centers and met several of the children receiving one meal five days a week through our ministry.

We have been to 3 different doctor visits serving two children twice and three children one of the trips.  Malaria and skin problems are common and we have dealt with both so far.  The children are very thankful for the care and they are so sweet and obedient as we work with them.  Today I was able to redress a wound on the leg of our electrician as he arrived at my home this morning to work.  These are the moments that I know God has me here for.  It is so good to be in His will working where he wants me to be and serving the beautiful people of Malawi.  Continue to pray for the Lord to grow our ministry and lead us to where He is at work in Malawi.


2010 June 3
by Cindy House

Our pastor has just completed a series on generosity.  I would like to share with you some of the fruit of the Lord’s leading in the life of some of our members.  I have had two families allow me to use their car and several others offer the use of a vehicle until I leave for Malawi.  An attorney has prepared legal papers and filed them for me at no charge.  A connection group has remodeled my home so it will show better and be more desirable on the market.  WOW!  You should see the curb appeal they added.  They spent several weeks coming by and working, as they could, to improve my home and they paid for the materials themselves.  Another family has decided to stay home instead of travel for Father’s Day weekend and give the funds to my mission fund.  Another member decided to give the money she had been saving for a flatscreen TV to the mission fund.  Many have given to the fund that I will never know what the sacrifice meant to them.  Several have committed to support me monthly for 2 years. My connection group gave a money tree.  Another person used their talents to prepare my fundraising letter with graphics and another used their talent to prepare my prayer cards with graphics and both items look so professional.  A member made copies of the prayer card at his own expense so there would be plenty to share and spread the word of the upcoming work at Esther’s House orphanage. My coworkers gave me a big shower my last day of work and provided so many of the items needed for life over there. Countless people have spent time on their knees praying for Esther’s House and my new life in a foreign land. The best way I can say thank you for this generosity is to be a good steward of their gifts and go to Malawi and faithfully follow as the Holy Spirit leads.  As I prayed this morning I was lead back throught the past several months and reminded of the many people the Lord used to usher me further down the road toward Malawi.  It’s Biblical people.  This is how the New Testament church did missions and I am in awe of a God that let’s me be a part of such a wonderful plan.  Be blessed and be on mission with Him wherever you are.

Sold my car

2010 May 14
by Cindy House

I sold my car yesterday and it had a powerful affect on me.  The reality of what I am doing; the change in my life as I know it; just seemed to be intensified by that one act.  It is thrilling and chilling at the same time.   I did not realize the security that an automobile gives a person until I woke up this morning and felt oddly insecure with no vehicle of my own in the driveway.  I sat up on the side of the bed and talked to Jesus about the feelings I was having and He brought the fresh sense of calm that He always does when I get overwhelmed with the enormity of moving completely out of my comfort zone.  God is faithful, this I know.  Each new step in the process of preparing to leave my familiar surroundings and beloved people behind and move across the globe teaches me more of the faithful characteristics of God.  He will be all things for me.  He will care for me and give me peace.  He will lift me up and place my feet on solid ground. 

About midday He completely took my breath away with another amazing display of His faithfulness.  I grinned so long my cheeks hurt.  I celebrated the wonder of the God who created the universe giving me such a personal encounter of great magnitude wrapped in His love.  What a joy to know Him.  What a great life to live for Him.  Blessings, my friends.


2010 April 20
by Cindy House
Rose Malekano and myself in 2008 after a day of work for Esther’s House.

Rose taught me alot about Malawi culture as we walked the dirt roads and shared the Gospel with villagers.  Her gentle voice and subtle smile are so precious to me now.  We met in 2004 on my second mission trip to Malawi.  Her husband Pastor Charles Malekano had been my interpreter the year before and they both are faithful servants of Christ and an example for all of us.  I was so thrilled to have her as my partner and interpreter that year.  We shared our faith with the people we met and our heart with each other.  I left knowing I had a true sister in Christ that I would carry with me the rest of my life.  I wondered if I would ever see her again this side of heaven.  To my delight we had the joy of meeting up in the United States when she and Charles came for a visit and I had them in my home for a few days of there time here.  What a sight to watch them experienced their first movie in the theater “One Night With The King”, which is the story of Esther.  We have a bond that is built on mutual faith in our Savior and I thank God for them.  They always tell me I am family to them and I am honored and humbled but such words of affection.  What I witness in their walk with the Lord is complete devotion and sacrificial giving for the sake of the Kingdom.  They plant churches in Malawi, disciple a new pastor, and then move on to plant more churches.  They have been replicating this process for years.  Only heaven knows how many people have come to know Christ because of their service to Him.  So when you see this picture pray for the work that these two “local” missionaries pour themselves into without thought of quitting.

Esther's House Missionary Journey

2010 April 9
by Cindy House

Greetings, and thank you for checking out my blog page. I am a registered nurse, a mother and a grandmother. But the most important thing about me is I am redeemed by the blood of Christ. He saved me when I was 13 but I did not make him Lord of my life until I was nearly 40. Because He has given all for me , I want to give him all of my life, my gifts and my talents. In 2003 I had the joy of going to Malawi, Africa on a 2 week mission trip and the Lord began to draw me toward a life of full time mission work during that journey. I have been 5 times for short term mission trips to Malawi and have grown to love it there and feel at home when I am there. The Lord gives me a sense of belonging there that is still a mystery but is clearly His direction. In June 2010 I will be going to Ntcheu, Malawi to work with Esther’s House Ministries for 2 years. This ministry work involves helping develop Esther’s House, an orphanage in the village of Madzanje. I will also be working with local Christians to spread the gospel to this people group and help meet the needs of widows and orphans in the village. No work makes me feel more alive than this. God has made it clear that this is my purpose, my future and my part in bringing Him glory. I joyfully accept His call knowing that He is going before me.
You can help support me in two essential ways. First, please pray for me as I begin this work, pray for the people of Malawi and Esther’s House Ministries as it grows into God’s vision. Second, make a contribution either as a one time gift or monthly to help meet the financial needs for maintaining a full time missionary at Esther’s House. I believe that together we can fulfill our Great Commission responsibility by taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. Please prayerfully consider being a partner in this Ministry work.